Steel structure bar, Seaside Bulgaria

The bar is made of a light metal support structure. Bolted connections are used to facilitate assembly and disassembly when necessary.
The foundation is made of single footings resting on a well compacted gravel cushion 0,30 m thick.
The supporting structure on the short side is framed and made of IPE 160. In the other direction, the horizontal load is carried by diagonals with a cross section of 100.5 closed hot rolled square tube.
The floor structure at elevation -0.085 is realized by a metal grating of UPN 140/IPE160 between the framed structure. Teak decking is implemented on top of this grating.
The second floor at elevation +2,15 is realized for DJ of UPN100 and columns with section closed hot rolled rectangular tube 120.80.5.
The canopy at elevation +3,43 is of IPE 120 profile and the covering is of awning which will be removed during the winter period.
The roof structure at elevation +4,20 is realized by a metal grating of IPE 120/IPE160 between the frame structure. On top of this grating, a quatrefoil timber roof with timber support beams and plywood sheathing is implemented.

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